Previous events include:

La Societe des Amis de Judex - REDUX, Tate Modern, FACT a provocative reconsideration of Surrealism. It aligns Guillaume Apollinaire’s poetry, 1960s Batman and Louis Feuillade's Judex with a smoke machine and audio interruptions by Douglas Park and the Istanbul-based artist collective HAZAVUZU.

Back To The Core - Platform Garanti, Istanbul: artist publishing weekend with continuous Fantomas screening, readings and performances.

Simon and the Radioactive Flesh(with Giles Round) - a re working of Bunuel's Simon of the Desert with artist videos inserted into the feature and re orientation of the screening space into a dancefloor.

Lisa Kirk's Greatest Hits - The greatest work seen in Manhattan and Williamsburg this year! Lisa Kirk has picked up the strays & other wild cats from her events in New York. New works and specially commissioned performance from David Adamo, Julie Tolentino and others: Songs for our troops in Middle East, Janie imagines having gay boy sex in the bomb shelter, Regueton in Puerto Rico, cult action, group therapy, corporate brain washed consumer combatants, 80's Kounter Kulture Koncerns: Codes into crisis ! David Adamo Derrick Adams Michel Auder Fia Backstrom Bengala John Brattin Javier Cambre Carolina Caycedo Jeremiah Clancy Adam Dugas Kalup Linzy Tara Mateik Julie Atlas Muz Jonah Freeman Christy Gast Matt Keegan Robert Melee Michael Portnoy Julie Tolentino Mungo Thomson Kati Heck Michael D. Linares Laura Parnes Alix Pearlstein Marco Boggio Sella Alexandre Singh Klaus Weber Grant Worth

The Sun Set - a 15hr screening of the television epic serial Sunset Beach with publication by artists and writers

My Kleine Fassbinderbar - an all night screening of Fassbinder's Berlin Alexanderplatz with Berlin Kiosk bar

Chroma Key - relating the works of Klaus Nomi and Cerith Wyn Evans via texts related by Douglas Park.

Also many screenings of films that were made within a film canon and managed to slip off the rails, including films by

Edgar G Ulmer

Dennis Hopper

Georges Franju

Fritz Lang

Dario Argento