wayward 19 ______La Société des Amis de Judex II



Tate Modern 27th July 2007


La Société des Amis de Judex II is a provocative reconsideration of Surrealism. It aligns Guillaume Apollinaire’s poetry, 1960s Batman and Louis Feuillade's Fantômas with a smoke machine and audio interruptions by the Istanbul-based artist collective HAZAVUZU and British artist Douglas Park.

The event opens with a rarely seen interview between surrealist/new wave filmmaker Georges Franju and Marcel Allain, co-author of the pre-WWI French thriller series Fantômas. The footage documents a man who helped form the beginnings of cinema in dialogue with the missing link to the French New Wave.

An excursion into 1950s television follows: The Riddler is making an attack on the private view of a prize elephant sculpture, and Batman is nowhere to be seen. The Riddler fills the space with nitrous oxide gas then presents atrocious jokes, trapping the audience into uncontrollable laughter. Then boom! the floor gives way...

The event also includes a screening of the first episode of Louis Feuillade's cinema serial, Fantômas. A new soundtrack has been recorded with the help of a street musician playing music influenced by arcade games, which echoes through the drunken shouts and broken glass of the 2am streets of Istanbul. HAZAVUZU have also created a vocal sound work for the event. Douglas Park performs his writing Pandora's Ark - Dream Key Zodiac.

La Société des Amis de Judex II also hosts the launch of a publication made in response to a weekend screening of Fantômas, produced by emerging Istanbul-based artists and writers earlier this year.